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Sharjah Customs Commemorates the World Day to Combat Drugs

22nd December 2015

Under the motto “Drug abuse is scourge that ruins life” Sharjah Customs participated in the event of the world day to combat drugs 2015. The event which was organized by Sharjah Police started on 12th of June and lasted for two days at Mega Mall with participation  and cooperation of 15 private and public sector organizations. 

It was inaugurated by Brigadier Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, General Commander of Sharjah Police at the presence of several high officials. Brigadier Al Shamsi toured the fair which is dedicated to public awareness against the drug abuse and was acquainted with products and initiatives of the participants in this regard. He praised the  social awareness efforts against drugs of the participants and said: “Our visionary leadership and Ministry of Interior put a lot  of consideration  into the regional and international efforts to restrain the trade of these notorious drugs and hard work to make aware all segments of the community against drugs with special care to the youths by organizing awareness programmes in this respect including security educational programmes that immune our youths from the setbacks and complications.”

  He emphasized the importance of raising the awareness and alertness against the hazards of drugs and to upgrade the national, community and family efforts in this respect and to protect the community from the danger of spreading drugs as well as the efforts exerted in curing and rehabilitation and social integration of victims of addiction.
Brigadier Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi called the parents to protect their families keeping their sons out of the circle of danger in order to be the first base in combating against the evil of drugs. 

Mr. Yaqob Ghabish, Director of Hamriyah Customs Centre, Ali Abdullah Ali Al Mazimi, Customs Officer- Hamriyah Customs Centre, Mr. Abdul Salam Al Nimar, Customs Officer- Container Customs Centre, Faisal Obaid Al Shamsi, Assist. Customs Officer- Container Customs Centre, Saif Yaqob Al Ahwadi, Customs Inspector and other participants from Sharjah Customs presented details and explanations and information for the audiences about combating drugs and protecting the borders and the community from drug trafficking.