Additional Procedures

Additional procedures are required for specified categories of goods:

  • Food stuff has to be checked and approved for release by municipality.
  • Chemical substances requires permission from Ministry of Health or Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries according to the nature of the chemicals.
  • Live stock and animals shall be checked by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (veterinary quarantine) before release.
  • Vegetation and seeds shall be checked by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries before release.
  • Books and media materials shall be approved by Ministry of Information before release.
  • Wireless instruments will require approval of Police Department and Ministry of Communication before release.
  • Weapons and ammunitions may be released upon approval of the Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior, and shall be escorted by police to their destination.

Other Required Documents:

  • VCC (Vehicle Customs Certificate) is a document for registering vehicles. No vehicle will be registered without producing the VCC.
  • Certificate of incoming/outgoing goods. Customs centre checks the Certificate of incoming/outgoing goods. It will also check the container seal number that should be the same as in the certificate. An export declaration is also required to prove that the container/goods have been shipped from any UAE port. The certificate is then approved, enabling the client to obtain refund of the deposit.